What should I expect when you buy my land? Three easy steps


Step One

1.  Once the details of the sale are finalized, we’ll schedule a local notary to meet you. You simply pick a date, time, and place to meet with the notary.  


Step Two

2.   You’ll sign the property deed and sale agreement with the notary as a witness.  


Step Three

3.  After signing, you'll receive the payment from the notary. (The notary will send all documents back to us for filing).  We pay all closing costs. Now you can go celebrate. Simple, honest and done!

Is it time to sell?

If the idea of working with a real-estate agent, listing the property, completing unnecessary paper work, and paying commissions concerns you - we can eliminate it all. We are not real estate agents and take no commission. If we buy your land we pay all closing costs. Imagine a hassle-free closing and finally being free of paying property taxes and having money in your pocket within a few days.